Green Paper


We are doing our part to ensure the planet is clean while demonstrating the power and efficiency of cryptocurrencies. GreenZoneX (GZX) is a way to not only recycle but also educate people as they venture into this new journey of financial independence through the potency of passive income off just recycling. 

Limited supply

GreenZone minted a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

(50%) 500 million is to be slowly released over time through payments for recycling.

(38%) 380 million is going to be released to the public (through Airdrop) and on exchanges. This also includes the reimbursement for token holders from the TRX migration.

(5.5%) 55 million will be released to Team developers.

(2.5%) 25 million will be released to the CEO’s family trust.

(2.5%) 25 million will be released for charity.

(1.5%) 15 million will be released to our investment fund.

Why pay for crypto when you can earn it by just recycling?

GreenZone is a next generation recycling company that incentivizes and encourages people to recycle while advancing their crypto literacy as well. In many places people have to pay to recycle. What if the people who recycle get paid? Our company has found a way to actually reward people for helping save the Earth with the use of our cryptocurrency (GZX). Those who choose to recycle with Green Zone will earn the currency. The denomination received will depend on what services you need. You may use your GZX to pay for future services or just keep it while value accrues. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky.