About Us

Greenzone is a startup recycling company that incentivizes and encourages people who want to make a difference.

Recycling to Make a Difference

In today’s world most people have to pay to recycle. Our company has found a way to actually reward people for helping save the Earth with the use of our cryptocurrency, GreenZoneX. GZX holders are able to enjoy zero swap and no gas fees as well as experiencing lightning fast settlements.

We offer pickup locations across different cities in the U.S.

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Brownsville, Texas

  • Riverside, California

Why pay for crypto when you can earn it by just recycling?

All from the convenience of your home.

Doing our part to educate the community

GZX is a way to not only integrate but also educate people as they venture into this new journey of financial independence through the potency of passive income off just recycling.

Pay no taxes on your gains !

Recycling is a tax-deductible activity. By recycling with Green Zone and earning GZX you will not need to pay taxes on your gains.

Clean. Convenient. Efficient.

Tionte “Toni B” Boggan


Founder and CEO of GreenZone Foundation, LLC. He has served Four years in the 82nd Airborne Division 2-319 FAR, five years in Georgia National Guard 1-214 FAR. Crypto trader and developer.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio and growing up in Cobb County Georgia, a McEachern High School graduate.

He created GreenZone to make a difference in the world and to unlock the value from waste produced around the world.