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Alright GZX community, it’s the start of a new week, which means it’s time to delve back into GreenZone and what makes it so unique. First and foremost, the majority of recycling companies charge people for their services, whilst GreenZone pays the consumer for recycling with them. That value proposition alone is a major win in GreenZone’s favor. This incentivization means we can onboard far more people to our mission of keeping the earth clean and free of litter, because who wouldn’t want to recycle and receive digital assets in return?

Not only that, but many recycling companies aren’t conducting business properly according to the EPA standards, as much of the recyclables collected aren’t sorted correctly, and end up in the landfills with the rest of the non-decomposable waste, forever sullying the planet. GreenZone makes it a point to separate all of the recyclables accordingly and take them to the correct facility that will actually process them and create new material. They literally go the extra mile to ensure that the materials can be reused and cycled back through the economy, rather than becoming another mound of harmful waste. 

Now, let me make something clear. GreenZone isn’t in competition with the recycling companies, on the contrary, it actually seeks to compliment them and to help boost up communities by helping them retain value. Not only because they exchange the GZX token for consumers recyclables, but also because recycling, according to the EPA, creates jobs and is good for the economy. Based on their 2016 report, recycling created 681,000 jobs, $37.8 billion in wages, and $5.5 billion in tax revenues. This equates to 1.17 jobs per 1,000 tons of materials recycled and $65.23 in wages and $9.42 in tax revenue for every ton of materials recycled. From these statistics, we can clearly see that recycling isn’t just beneficial for the planet, but for individual incomes and the economy at large. 

There is no time like the present to begin your recycling efforts, and if you are already recycling, there is no time like the present to switch to GreenZone. They have six physical locations at present, with more to come in the future. The current location are down below, and be sure to check out the website www.greenzone.eco for more information. Together we can all make a difference as we continue to Think Globally, Act Locally. Cheers mates.

• Atlanta, Georgia

• Brownsville, Texas

• Ann Arbor, Michigan

• Riverside, California

• Charleston, South Carolina

• Chattanooga, Tennessee