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Introducing GreenZone’s Latest Minted Collection: Honoring the 82nd Airborne Division

We are thrilled to unveil GreenZone’s newest collection in Superworld, specially created to commemorate All American Week for the legendary 82nd Airborne Division based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This esteemed division is renowned as one of the most elite units in the U.S. Army, with only 1% of soldiers achieving the esteemed title of paratrooper. It is with great pride that we honor their incredible service and bravery through this exclusive collection.

At the heart of GreenZone is our Founder and CEO, Tionte Boggan, who himself served in the 82nd Airborne Division’s 2-319 Field Artillery unit. With over 36 jumps under his belt within the division, Tionte brings a unique perspective to the creation of this collection. As a veteran and an artist, he understands the significance of capturing the essence of the 82nd and paying tribute to those who served.

The All American Week collection consists of 33 meticulously crafted pieces, each a testament to the indomitable spirit of the paratroopers.

Airborne Wayhttps://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/77

From the momentous “Airborne Way” to the adrenaline-pumping

Hang On” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/44

“Hang On” and the awe-inspiring

“In the Sky” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/45

“In the Sky,” every artwork is infused with the energy, courage, and pride that defines the 82nd Airborne Division.

What sets this collection apart is that each NFT comes with an exclusive GreenZone mug and shot glass, making it a truly remarkable offering for collectors. The opportunity to own artwork created by a veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne Division and now channels his skills into building a company focused on a circular economy and democratizing the digital asset space is indeed a rarity.

“D-Day” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/46
“Normandy” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/47
“The Holland Jumpers” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/48

As you explore the collection, you’ll encounter iconic pieces like “D-Day” and “Normandy” that pay homage to the division’s historic contributions.

“All American” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/49
“Battle Ground” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/50

You’ll also discover artworks like “The Holland Jumpers,” “All American,” and “Battle Ground” that capture the ethos of the division with precision and artistry.

“Man Down” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/57
“Helping hand” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/60
“Doc” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/61

From the gripping “Man Down” to the camaraderie embodied in “A Helping Hand” and “Doc,” each piece tells a story and evokes emotions associated with the brave men and women who proudly serve in the 82nd Airborne Division.

The collection showcases not only their unwavering dedication but also the resilience and heroism they exhibit in moments like “Black Hawk Jump” and “Battle of the Bulge.”

“Black Hawk Jump” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/80
“Battle of the Bulge” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/55

Other captivating pieces in the collection include “Loyalty,” “Trail Blazer,” “Code Talker,” and “Eye on Target,” each providing a glimpse into the diverse experiences and challenges faced by paratroopers.

“Loyalty” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/65
“TrailBlazer” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/79
“Code Talker” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/70
“Eye on target” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/74

Moreover, by supporting GreenZone and acquiring these remarkable NFTs, you become part of a movement aimed at creating a circular economy, repurposing waste, and fostering inclusivity within the digital asset space. Each purchase contributes to a vision where everyone can participate and benefit from this exciting new realm.Also each NFT comes with a GreenZone mug and shot glass

“Willy Pete” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/51
“Direct Fire” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/54
“ Care package” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/53
“I got you” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/59
“Lead the way” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/62
“First to the scene” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/63
“969th Brothers” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/67
“333rd” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/66
“Scout Report” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/71
“ The Long walk” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/68
“Our Fight” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/69
“Machine Gun Baby” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/78
“Rapid Fire” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/72
“Sand Land” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/75
“Going Home” https://nft.superworldapp.com/#/polygon/batch/76

Join us in celebrating the 82nd Airborne Division and their remarkable legacy through the GreenZone All American Week collection. Together, let us honor their service, preserve their stories, and create a brighter future. Explore the collection and secure your piece of this historic tribute today.