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Hey GZX community, happy Monday. Today we are focusing our conversation around education, and the ways GZX can be used as an incentive. We have previously discussed how recycling with GreenZone is a way that schools could turn their waste into monetary gain for use of school supplies, events, and so forth. Another option for educators would be to escrow their GZX to use as incentives for students. GZX could be given out as a reward for good grades, for good behavior, and for being active in school events and functions. Using GZX in the school system offers the opportunity for kids to be rewarded, and of course educated on the benefits of recycling for the planet. Teaching this lesson early on will help ensure that the next generation will continue recycling, keeping our planet clean. 

Another way GreenZone has helped push education is their partnership with Treasury XRPL, a network that rewards participants in their native TRSY token for every lesson they complete. Treasury XRPL’s goal is to better educate people on the ins and outs of the digital asset space, and they have created an incentivized learning program to help newcomers figure out how best to understand and navigate this market so that they don’t get wrecked and lose money. To get started, you first need to create a Xumm software wallet account (if you don’t have one already). Xumm is a user friendly, secure software wallet app for XRPL assets available for Android and IOS, and allows you to connect to multiple interfaces such as the Sologenic Dex. Once you have Xumm set up, you’ll then want to head to the XRPL Services site (all links down below) and set your TRSY trustline. Once that has been set, you can head on over to the Treasury XRPL website and sign in using your Xumm app. Whether you are setting a trustline, or signing into a website, Xumm handles it all by use of QR codes, making the process simple and quick. 

Once you have done all of that, you are ready to start learning and earning. To better ones understanding of this developing market while at the same time earning digital assets is an amazing opportunity, and sites like Treasury XRPL make that possible when they partner with community minded companies like GreenZone. Also, be sure to take the GreenZone Waste Management Course to gain a better understanding of how blockchain based recycling works and can help keep the earth free and clean. Education is a major focal point of the GZX community, and these are just a few ways that learning can be incentivized with GreenZone. It takes all of us coming together to make a difference as one large, global community, which is why we always say, Think Globally, Act Locally. Cheers mates.

How to get started: Academy – Getting Started – Treasury (trsryxrpl.com)

XRPL Services: XRPL Services

GreenZone (GZX) Blockchain Waste Management Course: Exploring Ways To Incentivize Responsible Waste Management using Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. – Treasury (trsryxrpl.com)