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Hello GZX community, and happy Friday. As we head into the weekend, I wanted to talk about more ways that the GZX token can be used to create passive income. We have previously discussed the staking options that are available on the Globiance Dex, but members of the community can also create their own liquidity pools on Wanswap, the native Dex for the Wanchain ecosystem, where you can earn 0.3% of every transaction simply for being a liquidity pool operator. 

The first step you’ll need to take is download the Wan wallet for either your PC or smartphone, and from there you’ll make your account. Because Wan wallet is a self-custody wallet, you will be given a set of seed words, your private key, so that your wallet can always be restored should you lose or break your device. So be sure to store these seed words in a safe place as they are your only backup for any hot or cold wallet. 

Once your wallet is set up, you can begin sending assets over to the Wan wallet. You will need a few WAN tokens sent first to cover any transaction fees incurred along the way. Now in order to send GZX tokens to Wanswap, you’ll first need to wrap them from within the Wan wallet. From within the wallet, go to the Dapp section and click Wan bridge and select the asset you wish to wrap, in this case GZX. Once wrapped, you’ll initiate the transfer of your GZX tokens to the generated Wan bridge. Once your tokens have been sent, you’ll go back to the Dapp section and select Wanswap, and once the Dapp is opened you’ll have the ability to provide tokens as liquidity for the liquidity pools, and begin earning passive income. 

This is just another way to increase the value proposition of the GZX token and ecosystem, as now you not only receive digitals assets for recycling to help the planet, but you can earn passive income through staking and liquidity pools as well. These measures are an excellent way to compound your holdings, so be sure to check out both options to see which is best suited for your goals and needs. GreenZone remains committed to saving the planet, and for that, we need help from the community, as the more of us who live ore sustainably, the better off earth will be. So get out there, keep recycling, and remember to Think Globally, Act Locally. Cheers!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/qxaN8E242BM