GreenZone is a company that works to make a difference in the world and unlock the value from waste produced around the world. Since its creation, GreenZone has been able to fill a gap in the market that merges both recycling and technology. The company believes that crypto is the future with its platform being built upon the XRP ledger. With this in mind, people who recycle with GreenZone earn the GZX cryptocurrency everytime they recycle. 

Does it work? Yes! At the time this article was written more than 22 tons of waste have been recycled with 16 of these coming from the Rio Grande Valley, 3 from California and 3 from Michigan. So far GreenZone has also accomplished 5 beach cleanups, 3 in California and 2 in Texas. The company was even featured on Telemundo 40 in an article about the importance of recycling

Is this legitimate? The answer is yes, GreenZone is not only part of the Texas Blockchain Council, which works within the Texas jurisdiction to improve crypto and their respective technologies, it is also a business recognized with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). GreenZone collects scrap metals, plastic bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans throughout the Rio Grande Valley and is constantly expanding within Texas and other parts of the US. Recently, GreenZone obtained its license to craft precious metals in the state of Texas (Registration number 2200072093-222536) and sells NFTs that are tied to physical silver bars.

Want to learn more about GreenZone in the crypto space? Follow @GreenZone__ on Twitter where CEO Toni Boggan posts about webinars with Uphold, Inc, a popular multi-asset digital money platform offering financial services to a global market.


How does GreenZone incorporate crypto technology into its business?

GreenZone’s own cryptocurrency, GZX, runs on the XRP ledger. Why use XRP when Bitcoin and Ethereum exist? XRP is easier to migrate and has better transparency, as well as being more eco-friendly. GreenZone uses Wanchain as it looks to provide education on cryptocurrency and digital assets. Part of GreenZone’s objective is not only to clean up earth through recycling but educate others on GZX and other important cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. GZX is one of Wanchain’s favorite cryptocurrency as it helps closing the bridge between assets and improving its work with other companies in Texas in order to make Texas more sustainable. 

GreenZone NFTs

A big step in GreenZone’s milestones was the minting of NFTs. What gives value to our NFT collection? Not only are you getting a collectible piece of GreenZone’s history, each NFT is tied to a physical 1oz Silver Bar! GreenZone NFTs are available here

Get involved locally

GreenZone wants to clean the world one step at a time. You can do your part and get involved with GreenZone by signing up for GreenZone in your area. For more information contact us via email info@greenzone.eco.

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