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Using crypto as payment

Editor: La Santos Follow on Twitter 12/1/2022 CRYPTO AS MODE OF PAYMENT Cryptocurrency is the quick, accessible cash of the future. As adoption rates for crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum increase, people need to know how to pay for goods and services using...

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Cold wallets & Exchanges for $GZX

Editor: Krishna Razo Follow on Twitter: KrishnaGZX This video is made for educational purposes only. Learn about cold storage wallets and exchanges GreenZoneX (GZX) is available on. Recycle with GreenZone and earn GreenZoneX (GZX) tokens from keeping your community...

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Being Vigilant in the Crypto Market

Editor: La Santos  Follow on Twitter: lasantos256ug 11/15/2022 Africa: crypto scams and money laundering The continent’s crypto market is still comparatively small, but the options for fraudsters and cyber criminals abound. Africa has the smallest crypto currency...

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What makes GreenZone unique?

Editors: Crypto Pirate Follow on Twitter@ Crypto_Pirate57 11/14/2022 Alright GZX community, it’s the start of a new week, which means it’s time to delve back into GreenZone and what makes it so unique. First and foremost, the majority of recycling companies charge...

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Transparency in Crypto

Editor: CryptoPirate Follow on twitter @Crypto_Pirate57 11/11/2022 Hello GZX community, Crypto Pirate here, and I am sure we are all more than ready for the weekend. This week was hands down the most turbulent ever, as we experienced the largest black swan event in...

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Empowering Artist through NFTs

Editor : La Santos Follow on Twitter:@lasantos256ug It's yet another beautiful tuesday to be here again with you GREENZONE community, I take this opportunity to appreciate your support towards GZX token, lets keep holding. Well in todays blog, have looked into NFTs,...

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Educating our future leaders

11/7/2022 Editor: Crypto Pirate Follow on Twitter @Crypto_Pirate57 Good afternoon GZX community, it’s another fine day to talk about GreenZone and the impact they have on the community by spreading awareness about recycling. GreenZone naturally loves to educate the...

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