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Hello GZX community, it’s Friday which means its time for another discussion on GreenZone, the world’s first blockchain based recycling company. Today, we want to discuss how blockchain technology adds elements of transparency and removes the need to trust any third party intermediary or other entity, using relevant examples from GreenZone’s own home town. GreenZone HQ is located in Brownsville, a beautiful coastal town in South Texas, with a rich culture focused around the arts. But despite its charms, it has the misinformed reputation of being a rather poor city, when in reality the city has been drained by corruption and misappropriated funds, all at the hands of poor leadership. This same poor leadership is also holding Brownsville back from advancing technologically, as the world moves faster toward a blockchain based future. We will delve into some examples of this, and explain how blockchain can solve such problems that plague cities all over the world. 

The first instance pertains to GreenZone specifically, as they had submitted a bid to the Brownsville Independent School District(BISD) to provide their recycling services, but “lost”, even though their bid provided a free service to the BISD and rewarded them GZX. Instead, they gave the contract to a company called Redfish, a clear conflict of interest as the Redfish Recycling Company with ties to the Putegnat family who were one of the founders of the first school in the BISD received the award. However ,the BISD has a reputation of corrupting contracts Nepotism and fraud like this is not only wrong, but also robs the children of opportunities to learn about and benefit from recycling through their school. This has been a major mission at GreenZone, educating the children,and we have discussed the matter in previous blogs. GreenZone is already fighting back against the corruption with their own litigation, because one must stand and fight for what they believe in, for what is right. And being a proud veteran of the United States Army, CEO Toni Boggan is a man who will stand against injustice.

The largest example of corruption stems from the towns “leadership”, where tales of theft and manipulation often originate. The CEO of the Brownsville Public Utilities Board(BPUB), John Brucaik, stole and misappropriated over $135 million dollars over the last decade by continuing to charge increased rates for customers because of an energy project they started in 2011. Unbeknownst to the public, project was a failure, and the city knew it, yet they still continued to charge the residents of Brownsville exorbitantly high rates for their utilities. And what of Brucaik you might ask? So far he was only put on 60 days of administrative leave, with full pay. This is blatant corruption, and the fact that this man is not only free, but being paid after stealing the wealth of the good people of Brownsville, is a testament to how detrimental poor leadership can be when left unchecked. 

The question here is, how can blockchain help? With open sourced blockchain technology, this grave misdeed by members of the city could have been caught far earlier, because the financial records would be transparent On-Chain for all to see, as being public servants and public companies, their public address would have to be verified and available for citizens to view. The same could be done for tracking the energy usage itself, as the creation of and expenditure of energy can also be tracked On-Chain, which would have allowed others to catch the inefficiencies of the failing energy project. Blockchain technology is not only transparent, but immutable, meaning no one can alter the data once it has been recorded On-Chain. If blockchain technology had been implemented, both the financials of the BPUB as well as the energy data from the project itself would have been easily visible, as well as unalterable, and this outrageous crime could have been stopped far sooner, saving millions of dollars. The core tenant here is that blockchain technology is “trustless”, since the system removes the need to blindly trust a potentially fallible public servant, business mogul, or any other intermediary. With blockchain, their words matter not as their actions are clearly visible On-Chain for the world to see. Blockchain can create a truly fair, decentralized, and equitable world.

Now, we all know that Elon Musk moved his Tesla factory to Brownsville in 2021, and considering his passion for righting wrongs and running endeavors efficiently, one would think he would be interested in helping cleanup Brownsville, just as GreenZone aims to cleanup the world. So we would like to ask you all to share this blog on Twitter and tag Elon. Everyone that does will receive 100 GZX as a thank you from the community for helping spread the word. With Elon’s help, Brownsville could not only run its local government more efficiently, but perhaps he could even help foster blockchain adoption in the area, which would certainly propel the city forward on a path to greater transparency, equality, and wealth. Remember everyone, we all have a part to play, and it all begins with a single step. So get out there and remember to Think Globally, Act Locally.

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