Steps to create Xumm wallet and set GZX trustline

Step 1. Download Xumm


Step 2. Create account

Step 3. Activate your Xumm wallet

( minimum 10 xrp to activate Xumm wallet)

Step 4. Set GZX trustline


( trusline requires 2 xrp)

Steps to purchase XRP

Step 1. Visit https://sologenic.org/?network=mainnet

Step 2. Click “FIAT” to purchase with debt / credit card


Step 3. Purchase XRP. Xrp will be sent to the Xumm wallet you insert.

Disclaimer: This process was created to educate customers on how to create their self custodian XRP wallet on Xumm app and set Trustline for GZX.

Crypto products and [non-fungible tokens] are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions

Video instructions how to set up Xumm wallet